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Men's Shaving Brushes

About Men's Shaving Brushes

For the uninitiated gentleman, a shaving brush might be a bit of a mystery. What’s the need for using one rather than simply applying the shaving gel or cream straight onto your face? Well, this product is actually an important component if you’re looking for the perfect shave, with many benefits over other methods.

One important reason why you should invest in a quality men’s shaving brush is that it allows you to create a rich lather, as long as you combine it with a great shaving cream or soap and a quality safety razor. Simply put a bit of the cream into your hand (or any other receptacle like a mug or specialist shaving bowl), then add a bit of water and whip it up with your brush. This lather should help to protect your skin during the shave, and make it easier for your razor to pass over the hairs without getting stuck. Using a brush also helps lift the hairs off your skin, to make the job easier, and it will even help scrub off dead skin and act as an exfoliator.

Here at Shave Rave, you’ve got the choice of synthetic or badger hair brushes. A badger shaving brush is a luxurious option that will massage your skin when you apply the lather. It might not be for everyone, though, and we understand that certain people might have moral or ethical objections. That’s why you can also pick up a great synthetic shaving brush here at Shave Rave. The synthetic option also has the added benefit of drying more quickly, for extra convenience.

We’re sure once you’ve experienced our excellent shaving brushes, you won’t be going back, and you won’t have to suffer through sore, irritated skin and razor bumps every time you shave.