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Safety & Double Edge Razors

About Safety & Double Edge Razors

You might have heard your grandad saying that things were better in the old days, and when it comes to shaving at least, we think he may have been right! While the manufacturers of disposable razors might disagree, this is because modern razors are more about making money for shaving companies than about giving you a quality, durable product that will be kind to your skin. If you’re looking for a beautifully crafted safety razor in Australia, though, then Shave Rave is the perfect choice.

More blades doesn’t necessarily mean a closer, more comfortable shave, and in fact, a double edge razor is the superior option. Cartridge razors can take off a lot of skin along with the hair, and the multiple blades can even lead to irritation and ingrown hairs. A safety razor will only take off the exact amount needed, for an enjoyable shaving experience. There’s also a little to be said for the aesthetic of the safety razor. With quality products from brands such as Muhle and Merkur, you can really feel like you’re holding a piece of art in your hands, and not just a simple tool.