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Proraso is one of the biggest and most respected names in the shaving industry, and their products are found all over the world; wherever men are in need of a quality traditional shave. Here at Shave Rave, we’re proud to offer these amazing wet shaving products for sale to our discerning Australian customers.

Founded in Italy way back in 1908 by Ludovico Martelli, Proraso has made a name as a trendsetter in the shaving world for the past three generations. The brand continues to produce superb products that are designed for the modern gentleman who still wants to make use of classic and proven methods. An indicator of the quality of the range is that barber shops all over the world continue to stock Proraso shaving cream, shaving soap, and more, and trust the brand to satisfy their clients’ needs.

Proraso shaving cream and Proraso shaving soap are the perfect products for an effective and refreshing wet shave experience that combines barbering tradition with cutting edge technology. When used with one of our traditional shaving brushes, these shaving essentials can be whipped up into a rich lather and applied to your face. Once applied, these products will help exfoliate and moisturise your skin, as well as clinging to your hairs and making them stand up more for easy, painless removal. Like the rest of the Proraso range, they’re free of parabens and kind to your skin, making them a great option for any health-conscious man.

For those who want to keep the hair on their face, and stay both looking sharp and feeling great, the Proraso beard oil is the ideal choice. This great product will make your beard luxuriously smooth, minimise annoying itching, and leave you smelling fresh, clean and masculine all day long. Growing a beard doesn’t mean you can ignore your skin care regimen, and regular use can help you stay moisturised and nourished, as opposed to dry and flaky.

The Proraso Green range is ideal for general use, and should suit the majority of men. When only the toughest products will do, however, Proraso also has a solution. The ‘Red’ products have been specially designed for those with especially coarse facial hair growth, and when used in conjunction with a quality razor you should have no problem removing stubborn stubble with minimal discomfort, and getting an exceptionally close shave.

With several products to choose from, browse the Proraso range today on Shave Rave. With great prices, convenient delivery options, and expert customer service if you’re in need of advice or assistance, we’re the place to be if you want to stock up on excellent shaving products from this industry leading brand. We highly recommend this Italian barbering institution, so grab a great deal today!