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About Layrite Products

Layrite brings classic US men’s style into the 21st century, with an innovative range of grooming products which are both convenient and effective to use. Born in, and residing in Orange County, California, we’re happy to bring these high quality grooming products to our Australian customers and beyond. All products have been tested and approved by barbers, so you know you’re getting top quality products which will be equal to any task.

Layrite pomade is such a great product for the modern, style-conscious gentleman because it’s so convenient. It holds like a wax, yet washes out like a gel! The water soluble design means it can easily be washed out in seconds; meaning your hair won’t get greasy, or have annoying bits of gunk in it for days to come, yet it doesn’t sacrifice on performance. We’re proud to stock a wide range of items, so if you’re after Layrite products in Australia it couldn’t be easier to get them.