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Captain Fawcett Wax

About Captain Fawcett Wax

We could wax lyrical all day about the benefits of Captain Fawcett wax, but we’d rather let the high quality products speak for themselves. Bringing some old-fashioned style and sophistication into the 21st century, along with a stiff upper lip attitude, these products are just as effective now for the modern gentleman as they would have been a century ago. As the legend goes, Captain Fawcett himself was an illustrious explorer, but while we doubt you’ll be trekking through the jungle, we’re sure these products will still be of use for the modern gentleman.

Taking special care to adhere to traditional manufacturing processes, the name Captain Fawcett has become synonymous with masculine class and style. The products themselves are varied, so whether you’ve got a moustache, beard, or both, you’ll find something to suit your needs here.