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Burly Fellow Beard Oil

About Burly Fellow Beard Oil

A fellow Australian company, Burly Fellow produces high quality, masculine grooming products for the style-conscious modern gentleman. Also a big advocate of mental health amongst men, their message of support and camaraderie is one we can get behind too.

Just because you’re growing your facial hair out doesn’t mean you can forget about maintenance and still expect it to look good. If you’re after a great product to tame unruly facial hair, then the Burly Fellow beard oil is a great option. There’s plenty of choice too, with a range of scents available including black pepper and citrus, and lavender and pine. This oil is a sensory experience, with a calming, gentle and balanced scent. It can also be used to style and shape your beard, allowing you to mould it into your chosen shape.

If beard oil isn’t for you, then perhaps you’d enjoy an excellent beard balm? The classic scent of tobacco and vanilla will calm the mind, and leave you smelling like a distinguished yet masculine gentleman. It’s not just the hairier gentleman who can benefit from the Burly Fellow range though, as we also offer several hair products, to tame even the most rebellious locks.