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Muhle R89 Review

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The Muhle R89 has made a name for itself as one of the most user friendly razors out there. In the last few months it has become our greatest selling razor and I decided to spend a week with one to find out why.

Muhle has always made great products and the Muhle R41 Grande has always been a person favourite of mine. There's something about the weight and feel of Muhle products that always leaves you satisfied. 

When holding the R89, the first thing you notice is its weight. For the price, this is a heavy razor and this is a good thing. Having a good balance is a big part of the shaving experience as it reduces the effort required by the user. It isn't the heaviest... but compared to other notable razors in the price bracket. It does stand out. 

Being closed comb, I often recommend this razor to beginners as it is a lot more forgiving. Putting my face on the line for my lovely customers, I was very aggressive (maybe even reckless) when using it to test its limits. To my surprise, I only cut myself once! And that was when I was really pushing the limits. Provided you don't do anything odd with this razor, you'll probably manage to avoid most learning curve cuts.

For the shave's I used two different creams to get a more rounded experience. The Bluebeards Shaving Cream, and the Muhle Aloe Vera Shaving Cream (my personal fav).

Hopefully this gives you some guidance in choosing wether or not the Muhle R89 is the right razor for you. 


You can check out the Muhle R89 here.






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