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A Guide To Making the Modern Man Cave

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As a sophisticated man of the world, you need to a space that reflects that. Designing a man cave is about more than just beer and sports, you want it to have some class as well. Here are some easy ways to elevate your man cave from college dorm to swanky bachelor pad.

Pick Your Colours

There is something decidedly masculine about deep, rich burgundy. Maybe it's our primal instinct reminding us of a big, juicy raw steak, or maybe it's a nod to a fine glass of merlot. Either way, there is one thing it is not great for, and that’s the walls of your man cave. Stick to the neutrals fellas; earthy browns are great, as are light greys. The rule is simple, stay clear of any colour that’s going to take away from the other decorative elements in your space.  

Dress up Your Walls

Exposed brick or unfinished wood also make for great feature walls. If your home doesn't have either of these, you can easily install or expose them (as the case may be) yourself. Be sure to brag to your buddies every time they come over about how you sweated and toiled over that wall for days, even if it only took a couple of hours.

Get the Lighting Right

Learn how to install a dimmer; or if your DIY skills aren’t up to the challenge, get your local sparky in. Whether you’re watching your favourite action movie in the dark, catching up with the boys in the bright light or want to set the scene for your next poker night, you’re half way there with the right lighting. Also, as painful as shopping for lamps might be, they do add to the cave-like atmosphere and prevent you from having to get up of the couch every time you want to change the lighting.

Add an Ensuite

We believe that every self-respecting man cave should have a bathroom at hand. Show yourself as much love and care as you put into your man cave, give yourself the royal treatment with our collection of luxury shaving products at Shave Rave. Your face will thank you.

For more tips on creating the ideal Man Cave check out Bupa Home Insurance’s latest article, ‘A Guide to Making the Modern Man Cave’. We were stoked to be included in the round-up of Australia’s leading man brands and retailers that can help you achieve your ideal space.



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