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This is why the "big shaving companies" hate us

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The good old Safety Razor has been hard to get rid of. Considering that the 'Holy Grail' cartridge razor was developed in the 1960's it's impressive how prevalent straight razors and safety razors still are. 


The cartridge razor was a stroke of genius, less metal, wrapped up in a plastic shell, and sold for more than twice the price of 10 safety razor blades. This was pushed by the big corporates and guess what! it worked. But the reality is this, the cartridge razor is one of the biggest corporate cons of the 20th century. It offers no significant benefits, costs significantly more and irritates the skin for many men. So why do we endure these horrific tools of torture on a daily basis? Because it's now the norm, it's been shoved down our throats from day one. It's all we know because it's all they ever let us see. How often do you see an add for the latest shaving gimmick on tv? probably every night, and that's where our problem lies.


It's pretty ironic that the most affordable way to shave is considered these days to be "Luxury Shaving". Thankfully more and more people have re-discovered the joys of traditional shaving, are having a great time and saving a ton while they do it. Lets do the maths! at shaverave a packet of blades can be as low as $4.50. This pack contains 10 blades that will last around 3 days each on average. Total cost per week in blades? a tiny $1.05. Buy them in bulk and the savings compound. 


So lets look at the mass produced Gillette Mach 3, surely being one of the most used razors in the world, it must be the most affordable option? a packet of Gillette Mach 3 turbo heads costs around $9.95 a pack. You only get 4, and if you follow the instruction of changing the blade every time the lubrication bar wears out (on average once a week for course growth) it will cost you on average 2.50 a week. More than twice of the safety razor. And this is for the entry level razor! move up the line to the Fusion and this multiplies again. 


How about the experience? Cartridges love to get clogged, it's perhaps their most annoying feature. Worst still, they feel cheap, mass produced and dull. This is something that most men do every day! Cartridges are the shaving equivalent of the Toyota Echo. Sure it gets the job done, but you hate every minute of the experience.

At Shave Rave we are driven by experiences, making small changes to your life can have massive effects on the way you enjoy things. Using a safety razor is not only cheaper, it is enjoyable! You buy one handle it will last you for life and it engages you. Every morning, you open your razor, feel the weight of handle, the smooth glide of the chrome against your skin. It's the BMW of shaving, except that in this case... it costs less than the Toyota Echo. Win!

It's a savings Win and an experience Win. The big companies have tried to kill traditional shaving since the 60's and have never managed to completely defeat it. Give it a try and we're pretty confident you'll never touch a cartridge again. 

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