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Layrite Pomade, is it for everyone?

Posted by Alexander Bainbridge on

This week we launched Layrite Pomade. We were super excited about this an the launch was a huge success. If you haven't already check out the range here:


Layrite has been making quite a name for itself in recent years and receiving excellent reviews. I was first attracted to it after a visit to the famous Hawleywoods Barber Shop several years back.


Water based Pomade has a come a long way. I won't label brands, but I have seen some truly shocking products that can't even hold for half a day... My perception of Water based wasn't all that great... Not until I tried Layrite.

Every water based product does what it says on the box, it washes out like a gel... that much is proven. However, Layrite actually lasts all day. Every time! And that's why it is awesome, that's what separates it from the rest. 


One thing I really, really love about Layrite Pomade is the smell, unlike many other brands it is really subtle, and that is important. Especially if I want to wear a nice aftershave, I don't want it ruined by my hair product... It's counter productive. However, with a subtle vanilla smell, it doesn't intrude and will smell pleasant if anyone gets near your hair. 


I use a wide range of products, but for daily use, it is hard to beat the simplicity and flexibility of Layrite. 


The full Layrite range is availabe at:

Stay Handsome Gents.

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