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The Beard is Dead! Or is it?

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We've been seeing a lot of press lately about the demise of the beard. "Beards Will Die in 2016", "Beards Finally Meet Their End". But what is the reality?

We saw the rise of the 'Lumberjack' beard as the hipster movement took hold, all of a sudden there were beards everywhere. It seemed everyone had a long cultivated beard that they had apparently "always had".

There has been a definite decline in the amount of beards around town, but this isn't necessarily concerning for the bearded community. If anything, we're seeing beards return back to 'normal' levels. The decline may not be a sign of the beards untimely end, more a sign of the decline of temporary trend setters. 

Talk to any bearded man and they're usually quite proud of the beard they have cultivated. Beards are an effort! You've got to keep it clean, moisturized and styled. For those who have put the effort in, they take their beard very seriously. And we mean deadly serious!

Before hipsters, there was a beard culture, and it will continue long after the trend is dead and long after the next trend. You can't keep a good beard down! 

We took to the streets of Sydney Australia and asked some bearded men on the street for their thoughts.

"I think there's something naturally attractive about a beard for men, it's just enjoyable to watch it grow out and turn into something"

"Men's fashion can be quite restrictive sometimes, regardless how popular the beard gets, I still feel you're a minority when you grow one. I like getting comments on it and talking to fellow bearded men about it, it's like a community"

"To be honest, I feel as though the beard is pretty sacred, It's not for everyone, and the less fashionable it is, the more unique and enjoyable it is for me"

We're really excited to see where things go from here, we have pretty severe doubts that the beard could every be removed from society. It would be pretty disappointing! We have however seen a rise in the corporate beard. Men sporting well crafted and usually medium to short beard growths. They're making up a larger and larger portion of our sales at Shave Rave, so we can't wait to see what happens next. 

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