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How to Shave with a Safety Razor.

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Traditional shaving is an attractive idea to many men. However, it has become something of a lost art through the recent decades.


Fortunately, traditional shaving has been making a steady come back, enriching the lives on the men who dare to try. Safety Razors really aren't that hard! fortunately, we are here to give you some advice. 

Using a well lathered shaving cream or shaving soap is really important here. It is important that the beard has had some time to soften and absorb the cream. This will not only reduce irritation, but give you an closer and more effortless shave. 

Once your face is nicely covered, it's time to get shaving. We recommend shaving with the grain. This will reduce the chances of ingrown hair as well as reducing irritation. What does this mean? typically it means shaving downwards on the cheek, and upwards under the neck.

All parts of the beard are not made equal, hairs around chin can be harsher and stiffer. We recommend shaving this part last to ensure the shaving cream has further time to soak in. 

Unlike cartridge razors, safety razor's require you to control the angle at all times. This angle can vary razor to razor though it's usually somewhere around the 30 degree mark. 

You won't want to apply too much pressure as the weight of the razor is usually enough to get the job done. Forcing the razor into the skin can result in irritation or nicks. To gain some more control, use your free hand to stretch the skin.

If you're in a rush, one pass may get the job done... but two passes will result in a cleaner shave and make sure you don't miss any areas. This is essentially a repetition of the above steps. 

Wash off the lather and give your face a splash with cold water. This will close the pores.

You're all done! 

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Happy Shaving!


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